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Self Storage - FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

What’s the marketplace for self storage?

  • A well-planned and operated self storage facility is a good investment, even in a fluctuating economy.
  • Our society, in this new millennium, is more mobile than ever before, continually increasing the need for temporary storage of personal belongings as well as business and service records.
  • Initial ROI for a self storage facility is often quicker than other small business start-ups, due to smaller up front capital expenditure and minimal operating costs.

Why should I select Flexospan as my self storage building manufacturer?

  • Flexospan has a long history and reputation as a manufacturer of quality components for the building industry for over 30 years.
  • As your business expands, you will need to be able to match the design and appearance of your existing facility to keep continuity throughout the entire project. When you require replacement parts for any damages which may occur, you need to know they are available. As your original units fill up and the need for additional rental units arises, you must be assured that the building manufacturer can supply the same high-quality materials.
  • Site requirements often vary, due in part to the topography of your property. Your building manufacturer should be able to assist you by designing for the best use of your land and taking into consideration the weather patterns and loading requirements for your location.
  • The design of Flexospan buildings and partitioning systems enables you the flexibility to change the size of units, should you decide that a different mix would enhance your profitability.
  • We assist our customers with the information needed to build a facility from concept to construction. An important part of our service is to provide ideas for layouts and unit mixes, and standard details and foundation requirements, complete with engineering. We can supply the total building package, including doors and insulation, as well as assist you with permitting and erection.
  • Flexospan's longtime experience enables us to help you avoid mistakes. Common sense dictates that you limit your facility to a size that your debt load can easily handle. Developing in phases is a practical method of establishing a successful business, which you can continue to expand as demand for rental units exceeds supply.

What kinds of Flexospan materials should I use?

  • We have a wide choice of colors (15), available in three different factory paint finishes.
  • The interior framing is made of Galvanized steel, with Galvalume® partition walls.
  • If the location of your project is in a hot, rainy climate, either close to the ocean or in an acid rain area, a high-quality, factory-coated and baked-on paint finish for the exterior of the buildings may be the most suitable.
  • A thicker gauge of steel may be necessary in a heavy snow load area to meet local building codes. In a heavy wind area (e.g., a hurricane load), Flexospan can design the building to meet BOCA and local codes as required.
  • Be sure to learn the zoning restrictions for your property site. Sometimes building materials must meet zoning requirements for aesthetics, color choices, etc. Finally, make sure you know how local fire codes will affect your site.

What do I need to keep in mind when selecting roofing systems?

  • There are two roofing alternatives to consider for your buildings. The most important consideration is to make sure the roof is weather tight. Both through-fastened and standing seam roofs are functional as well as pleasing to the eye.
  • A through-fastened roof, as its name implies, is erected by screwing fasteners through Flexrib roof panels into the support purlins. Penetration of the occurs at every screw hole, so it is crucial that the roof is properly installed to prevent leakage.
  • A standing seam roof is mechanically seamed over a clip, which attaches to the purlin, so that there are no exposed fasteners in the plane of the roof. The only panel penetrations are at the eave line. Standing seam roofing, when properly installed, will most likely provide the longest life cycle and lowest overall cost of any type of roof system. A properly installed through-fastened roof, however, is initially less costly and will also provide years of leak-free protection.
  • Through-fastened and standing seam roofs are normally 26 and 24 gauge Galvalume®, respectively. Both styles are available with a baked-on factory finish in any of our 15 standard colors. Custom colors are available if the scope of the project is of a sufficient quantity.

Does Flexospan manufacture multi-story, climate controlled and records storage buildings?

  • Yes! We design multi-story buildings with a second floor of either plywood or concrete, depending on load requirements and stairs. An elevator shaft or ramps can also be included.
  • If an area of a building is to be climate controlled for records storage or other uses, that section needs to be well insulated, with space left for heating and cooling units. The climate-controlled section is best located in the middle of the building, so the surrounding storage units provide some extra insulating value.

Where can I get more information?

We realize that this is just a brief overview of self storage facilities construction. You may have many more and specific questions. Please give Flexospan a call. We have a dedicated sales staff waiting for the opportunity to assist you.

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