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Self Storage Building - Features

Roof panels are 24 gauge FSS-1.5 standing seam

-Galvalume, Galvanized, or painted finishes
-More dependable & less maintenance than through fastened roof systems

Exterior wall panels are rugged 24 gauge Flexbeam

-Painted finish with many colors to choose from
-Puts more steel per square foot & more dent resistant than 26 gauge A & R
( Panel commonly used in other storage facilities. )
-Heavier gauge walls translates to a building that will stand the test of time better than other light gauge competitors

Appealing interiors with all galvanized & GalvalumeTM finish

-Very desirable to potential renters

Flexible standardized components

-Easy to configure to your needs
-Simple to install

Wall meets the roof

-No gap at the top of the walls
-Insures privacy
-Economical to construct fire walls that comply with building codes

No unsightly support posts

24 gauge load-bearing wall panels

-Thicker & Tougher than 29 gauge R panel commonly found in posted buildings
-Rugged and dent resistant for longer lasting appeal
-Builds greater security into the design of every Flexospan building

Panels are installed vertically

-Helps keep the panels clean

Interior Walls are fastened from both sides

-Increases security because panels cannot be removed from just one unit

Flexospan Steel Buildings - Metal Roofing, Siding, Purlins, Girts, Self-Storage