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Storage Building - Load Bearing Wall System

Flexospan designs quality, durability, and security into every storage building by integrating our load bearing wall system.

Interior walls are made of heavy gauge steel and are designed
to support the storage building

-Means heavier steel walls between rental storage units
-No support post to obstruct the rental space
-Flexible standardized steel components that will configure to any unit mix

Flexospan's Design:

- versus -

Competitor's Posted Systems:

-A grid of steel support systems are erected with light gauge wall sheeting

-Thin walls between the storage units

- walls are easily dented
-Easy for vandals to break through

-Non storage building manufacturers starting a new business can offer storage buildings by purchasing steel components from various suppliers

Flexospan's Load Bearing Wall:
Load Bearing Wall Features:

Appealing interiors with all galvanized & GalvalumeTM finish

-Very desirable to potential renters

Wall meets the roof

-No gap at the top of the walls
-Insures privacy
to construct fire walls that comply with building codes

No unsightly support posts

24 gauge load-bearing wall panels

-Thicker & Tougher than 29 gauge R panel commonly found in posted buildings
-Rugged and dent resistant for longer lasting appeal
-Builds greater security into the design of every Flexospan building

Panels are installed vertically

-Helps keep the panels clean

Walls are fastened from both sides

-Increases security because panels cannot be removed from just one unit

Flexible standardized components

-Easy to configure to your needs

Changing the length of the load-bearing wall by adding / subtracting sheets changes the building width
Adding / subtracting the number of load-bearing walls changes the building length
Changing the door jamb positions changes the unit mix configuration
(Normally 10’ or 5’)
Stack them for multiple story designs

-Simple to install

Standard components are put together the same way for every unit mix. Once the system is learned, then the same technique and principles are applied in any configuration.

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