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Conveyor Cover Systems - Fugitive Dust Emissions Control

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Industrial Conveyor Cover System

Galvanized Conveyor Cover Hoops eliminate any welding or painting.

Flexospan's industrial conveyor cover panels are installed easily to these hoops and are available in many colors, steel gauges and types of base materials depending on the application.

  • Galvanized Hoops
  • Low Installation Cost
Conveyor cover systems consist of galvanized steel hoops with an assortment of different types of covers, depending on the application.

The system is simple, and quick to fit.

The material being carried is protected against the wind and weather. The environment around the conveyor is protected because the material being conveyed stays on the belt.

Conveyor cover products efficiently protect the material being carried from being blown off the conveyor.

Industrial Conveyor System Covers

Flexospan's heavy gauge industrial conveyor system covers are ideal for:

  • Steel Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Foundries and Foundry Facilities
  • Coal Mine Facilities
  • Coal Mine Conveyor Covers
  • Power Plants
  • Gravel Mills
  • Grain Mills


Remember the goal is to reduce
Life cycle cost:

  • Heavy gauge steel panels will last longer.
  • Corrosion resistant finishes.
  • Stainless Steel is available if required.

On inclined conveyors which are not covered, rain can cause major problems because the material gets washed away. This problem is efficiently eliminated with conveyor covers.

The work environment is improved while safety also increases.

The strong design is also very suitable for cold climates where snow loads need to be considered.


Fugitive coal dust emissions control to help with your clean coal projects....

Fugitive dust emissions from coal occur during material loading, unloading, transferring, stockpiling and other material handling procedures. Utility companies, power plants, steel mills and coal mine facilities are required to comply with regulations as they relate to water and air quality, as well as the impact on aquatic and human health.

Sediment, as a result of runoff or windblown particles, deposits into drains, ditches or lakes and can seriously endanger plant and aquatic life. Erosion control is much more effective than sediment control. By stopping erosion before it becomes sediment, you can avoid costly clean-up and environmental effects from even occurring.



When you need curved for your Conveyor Cover System....

Flexospans curving mill can create a multitude of shapes. We offer radius curve with a tangent, without a tangent, or with a double tangent. Radius-curved panels can be installed over purlins or conveyor cover hoops. Curving by Flexospan results in a continuously smooth, un-crimped curve. It is available to radii as tight as four feet.

Mining facilities....

Day-in and day-out, mining facilities wage a constant battle against fugitive dust. With todays ever-tightening operating budgets and environmental regulations, you need to be able to control dust efficiently.

Avoiding accidents as well as the negative community relations that uncontrolled dust can cause is a must.

Just as dust can be a nuisance, ice and snow freezing on your conveyors can also cause concern in winter weather conditions.

Covering conveyor systems will improve the environment while safety also increases.

Please call Flexospan today. Our trained staff can help find the best Flexospan Industrial Products for your facility.



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