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Heavy Gauges Flexshield Stainless Steel Perforated
Horizontal Reflective Conveyor Cover Fiberglass


Industrial Fiberglass Roofing & Siding - Chemical Resistant

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Facility Maintenance - Flexospan can help with your reroofing and repair projects !


Industrial Roofing and Siding

Flexospan's frp Industrial panels are great for such applications as:

  • Steel Mills
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Foundries and Foundry Facilities
  • Coal Mine Facilities
  • Many other environments

Click here for Industrial panels. Note: panels are normally installed in the bottom portion of the building, depending on the application.




When you need translucent light to save power or when you need chemical resistant panels....

Translucent light panels let the daylight in so lights can be turned off.

High performance and lightweight fiberglass reinforced plastic panels that are corrosion and moisture resistant.

Fiberglass Industrial Panels resist chemicals, acids, alkalines and fungal growth.

Panels are available in:

  •  8oz non fire-rated formulation with a translucent white smooth finish.
  • 12oz fire-rated formulation with a translucent clear smooth finish.

Polyester resin combined with chopped strand fiberglass make frp panels strong and resilient. Multi-directional chopped strand glass reinforcement provides the structural integrity needed to achieve long-term performance.


8oz Fiberglass Panels

  Non-Fire Rated
  White Translucent
  Chopped Strand Fiberglass

12oz Fiberglass Panels

  Fire Rated
  Clear Translucent
  Chopped Strand Fiberglass

Please call Flexospan today. Our trained staff can help find the best Flexospan Industrial Products for your facility.


Please tell our sales agent that you're interested in our Fiberglass industrial panels.

Caution!   Fiberglass panels are not intended to support the weight of a person or other undistributed load. It is the obligation of the owner and erector to use approved methods to reinforce the panels.

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Fire Rating


Flexbeam 8oz Non-Fire Rated Clear Translucent
Flexrib 8oz Non-Fire Rated Clear Translucent
Vertarib 8oz Non-Fire Rated Clear Translucent
1/2" Corrugated


Non-Fire Rated

Clear Translucent

7/8" Corrugated


Non-Fire Rated

Clear Translucent



Non-Fire Rated

Clear Translucent

1/2" Corrugated


Fire Rated

Clear Translucent

Caution!  When cutting or drilling FRP panels, always wear protective glasses or goggles and mask using OSHA approved procedures.

Note:  Loading information, installation instructions, fire spread classifications and other technical information is available upon request.

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