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Vertarib - Recessed Channel Wall Panel - 36" Coverage  Siding PanelInterior Liner Panel

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Flexospan's Vertarib siding wall panel combines form and function. The recessed channels on this wall panel house semi-concealed fasteners, creating a smooth, flat wall appearance.
The 39" panel, with 36" coverage, comes standard with two stiffening ribs. It's a good choice for standard wall applications when architectural detail is less important.

Stocked Materials:

  • G-90 Galvanized

  • Galvalume

  • Mill Finish Aluminum

Siding Panel - Vertarib

Stainless Steel Gauges:

  • 18, 20, 22, & 24 ga

15 Standard Colors:

  • Non-standard colors may be ordered with minimum quantity restrictions.


Vertarib Flexbeam Panel Profile

makes an excellent liner for protecting insulation or a wanes-coated appearance as the fasteners are placed in recessed major ribs.

The Vertarib panel may also be used as an interior liner on the girts of a wall.

Note: Vertarib is a SIDING panel ONLY, not to be used for roofing.

Vertarib CAD Drawings - Standard Details - Metal Siding Panels

Flexospan - LEED Points Product Data Sheet
LEED Green Building Rating System

 LEED - PROJECT RATING SYSTEM Sustainable Sites Heat Island Effect Recycled Content Regional Materials Possible Points LEED Regional Materials LEED Materials & Resources metal roofing and Metal Siding LEED Points product data sheet for metal roofing metal siding and other metal building construction.

New Construction & Major Renovations (LEED) Version v3, April 27, 2009

The following is provided as general information to assist your LEED project team in better understanding Flexospan products and the characteristics of our materials that may contribute towards earning LEED certification of your project.  Because each project has unique circumstances, it is the responsibility of your project team to determine if your project is eligible for certification and whether LEED points will be available for the Flexospan product supplied to your particular project.

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