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FE-12 - Flush Siding Wall Panel w/Concealed Fastener  Siding PanelExterior or Interior Liner Panel

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FE-12 is a concealed fastener panel that gives a flat clean appearance to your building. When used in combination with our FL-24 liner panel and the proper combination of insulation and subgirt, U values as high as .065 can be obtained.

When used in combination with the FE-66 panel some very interesting effects can be created.

G-90 Galvanized Coatings:

  • Siliconized Polyester

  • Flexshield

  • Kynar/Hylar based finishes

Profile (with and without ribs):

FE-12 Concealed Fastener Architectural Metal Siding Panel

Standard Gauges:

  • 18, 20, & 22 ga

15 Standard Colors:

  • Non-standard colors may be ordered
    at minimum quantities.


FE-12 Profile

Flexospan's FE-66 and FE-12 concealed fastener architectural siding wall panels are among our most versatile. The FE-12 is a 12"-wide, flush panel, with stiffener ribs. (It is available without the stiffener ribs.) It has a clean, flat appearance. The FE-66 is a 12"-wide wall panel, recessed every six inches to provide a shadow effect. The two panels can be used alone, or in combination to create interesting, highly architectural effects.


Both wall panels have concealed fasteners, reducing the number of through-holes and improving water tightness. Both can be used with our FL-24 liner panel to obtain U values as high as 0.65 units.

FE-12 CAD Drawings - Standard Details - Concealed Fastener Architectural Metal Siding Panel

FE-12 Concealed Fastener Architectural Metal Siding Panel

The FE-12 panel may also be used as an exterior liner on outside sub girts mounted to the siding.

It may also be used as an interior liner on the girts of a wall.

Use ARCAT's SpecWizard below to generate and download your custom specs for this panel.

Flexospan's SpecWizard on ARCAT


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