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Flexospan offers two corrugated roofing and wall panel products that are are suitable for projects requiring a cost-effective, yet strong panel. The Flexospan 3/4" wall and roofing panel is an excellent choice for medium-
length spans, or when strength
is important.

Flexospan offers another variation of corrugated panels with the introduction of 2.67" x 3/4" Corrugated. Stronger than 1/2" deep corrugated , allowing wider spans, this panel can be used as roofing or siding. The deeper corrugation enhances appearance by making a more defined visual impact.


Roofing and Siding Wall Panel - Corrugated 3/4"

Stainless Steel Gauges:

  • 18, 20, 22, & 24 ga

15 Standard Colors:

  • Non-standard colors may be ordered with minimum quantity restrictions.

3/4" Corrugatedl Profile

The 3/4" Corrugated panel may also be used as an exterior liner on outside sub-girts mounted to the siding or roofing.

It may also be used as an interior liner on the girts of a wall or the purlins of a ceiling.

Flexospan manufactures
corrugated roofing and wall products from stocked, 44" coil width and a 36" width.  44" coil yields an overall panel width of 36", roofing coverage of 32" and wall coverage of 34.67 inches for the 3/4" panel. Our 36" coil yields an overall panel width of 29", a roofing coverage of 24" and a siding coverage of 26.67 inches.

Use ARCAT's SpecWizard below to generate and download your custom specs for this panel.

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