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Steel Roof Panels - Through Fastened Steel Roofing

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Flexospan manufacturers a variety of metal roofing panels, including corrugated, ribbed, and recessed.  (Our custom panels are sometimes branded with the word 'Flex'.) Some of these metal panels can be used for roofing AND siding, as indicated by the icons. Click on the products below to access additional information for each panel.

Flexbeam - Metal Roofing Panel

Flexbeam 7.2 Metal Roofing Metal Roof Panel Products
Roofing PanelSiding Panel

Flexospan's Flexbeam roofing panel is economical, strong and aesthetically pleasing. It has a trapezoidal profile, important for many architectural applications. The standard Flexbeam panel is 38 7/8" overall, with a 36" coverage.

Flexrib - Metal Roofing Panel

Flexrib Through Fastened Roofing Panel
Roofing PanelSiding Panel

Flexospan's Flexrib roofing panel combines strength with a deep, wide panel for a clean, bold look. It's easy to install and lasts for years.

1/2" - Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated 1/2" Through Fastened Roofing Panel
Roofing PanelSiding Panel

The Flexospan 1/2" corrugated roofing panel is our most economical. It's useful for standard applications which require both durability and economy.
We manufacture our roof and products from our stocked, 44" coil width and a 36" width.

3/4" - Corrugated Metal Roofing &
          Corrugated Metal Siding Panel

Corrugated 3/4" Through Fastened Roofing Panel
Roofing PanelSiding Panel

Flexospan offers two
corrugated metal roofing panels and corrugated metal siding panels that are suitable for projects requiring a cost-effective, yet strong panel. The Flexospan 3/4" metal siding and roofing panel is an excellent choice for medium-
length spans, or when strength
is important.

7/8" - Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel

Corrugated 7/8" Through Fastened Roofing Panel
Roofing PanelSiding Panel

Our 7/8" corrugated roofing panel is the best choice for roof projects with large spans, where cost containment is important. It's useful for roofing applications, since the deeper corrugation of the 7/8" product carries off greater volumes of water.


R-Panel - Metal Roofing R Panel

 R-Panel Through Fastened Roofing Panel
Roofing PanelSiding Panel

(For roofing, with a purlin bearing leg)  This traditional building panel, available in 26 and 24 gauge, is compatible with many existing buildings, provides the most economical use of your dollars. Cost saving and the value of strength that comes from 80 KSI yield steel make our R-Panel a real value.


Our through fastened metal roofing panels are available in a variety of materials, coatings, colors, and gauges.  Popular sheeting materials includes galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Our through fastened coatings include vinyl plastisol, fluorocarbon, and siliconized polyester.  View our color chart to view all the available metal panel colors.  View the details of each roofing panel to get info on available through fastened metal panel gauges.

Call Flexospan at 800-245-0396 to discuss through-fastened metal roof costs, weight, and installation.  Our sales people can provide a timely quote for through-fastened metal roof panels and accessories, such as snow guards, clips, girts, and rods.


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