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Customer Testimonial - Jim White

Opportunists Get the Projects"

Based in Rochester, NY, Jim White Products, Inc. is a subcontractor specializing in roofing and wall systems. According to White, his company provides panels-to-purlins service to erectors, architects and other construction professionals.

Jim White has been a Flexospan
customer for over many decades.

"We're opportunists," White says. "We estimate, bid, sell, engineer and arrange the total erection. We provide the total package."

White is opportunistic in the types of projects he works on as well. "We work on light commercial projects, schools and universities, government projects, industrial buildings, pipelines, you name it," he says.

For many of those projects, White specs Flexospan products, because he recognizes that Flexospan has a similar attitude toward business.

"(Flexospan) is a lot like me. If there's a need, we take advantage of the situation. We recognize that in order to be successful, you have to be willing to take on projects you might not have done before. That doesn't mean you're not qualified, though.

"Flexospan is the same way," he adds.

White, who has used Flexospan products for such varied projects as the University of Rochester Medical Center, Dresser-Rand manufacturing facilities, Corning Glass research facilities, farm buildings for Circle C Ranch and Home Depot Corporation, has stayed with Flexospan because of the attention he's received for his projects from Flexospan.

"Mainly it's the service and the people that I've dealt with over the years," White says. "I've enjoyed doing business with Karen Kish (the division manager) and the others. They've always been fair and they go out of their way to take care me."

White also credited Flexospan's adaptability for his long-term relationship with the steel components manufacturer. "They're very flexible in what they do and what they can do," he says.

Another reason White chooses Flexospan is the company’s fleet of delivery trucks, a service that very few of Flexospan’s competitors offer, according to White.

"It’s important because it makes (Flexospan’s) products more economical and again, the company can afford to be more flexible,” White says.

“Not all of my jobs require a full truckload, but because Flexospan can gang the loads, they can keep the freight costs down and still deliver my product when I need it," he adds.

And when Flexospan can’t provide in-house shipping, White knows they’ll use reliable common carriers, so that his projects won’t be delayed.

"You know, I like dealing with Flexospan because they treat us like I would treat them. Fairly. We know if a call comes directly to Flexospan for a job in our area, they'll give us the lead.

"Like me, they’ll go out of their way to take care of customers,” he says.

For more information on Jim White Products, Inc., contact Jim in Rochester at 716/293-2500.

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