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Specifications Submission Form - Roofing Only

Use this form to specify the standard roofing panel requirements for your project. This specification covers the Flexospan Standing Seam series panels: FSS-1.5, FSS-316 and FSS-18. Complete this form and then submit it online, or print out and complete our text-only form. For more information or for nonstandard specifications, contact customer service.

1.0 Work Scope

Furnish, or furnish and install the roof system designated as:

with related accessories as outlined in these specifications and drawings, where applicable. Material will be furnished by Flexospan Steel Buildings, Inc., Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania. All other manufacturers shall be approved by the architect prior to the bid date.

2.0 Materials

Materials furnished under this specification shall be as follows:

2.1 The FSS-1.5 standing seam panel shall be manufactured from 24 gauge and of the following material:

2.1a The FSS-316 or FSS-18 standing seam panel shall be manufactured from:

2.2 The panel finish shall be manufactured from:

Color shall be selected from the manufacturer's standards.

2.3 Panel Backside. If finished with Kynar 500®/Hylar 500®-type, or siliconized polyester finishes, the standard panel interior finish is an off-white polyester over primer, 0.5 mil dry-film thickness. Shades may vary slightly from coil to coil. If an exact match is required, material must be specially ordered for the application.

2.4 Base Materials shall have a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi.

3.0 System Components

3.1 Panel Size. Panel size shall be as follows:

Panel Specifications
FSS-1.5 Depth of 1.5" and overall coverage of 20" or a nonstandard coverage of (inches) (special order only)
FSS-316 Depth of 3.0" and overall coverage of 16"
FSS-18 Depth of 2 5/8" and overall coverage of 18"

3.2 Panel Length. Factory formed lengths to 40'-0" are standard. Lengths of 40'-0" to 60'-0" are available with special packaging and shipping. Panels greater than 60'-0" are available by field forming. End lap plates are available from the manufacturer.

3.3 Flashing. All flashing shall be manufactured from the same material as the roof panel and shall be designed to allow the panel system to expand.

3.4 Clips. The panel clip shall allow for the thermal expansion of the roof system.

3.5 Sealant. All panels shall be properly sealed at the side and end joints with sealants provided by the manufacturer. Sealant shall be applied over and under the clip as described in the instructions and standard details.

3.6 Polyethylene Ridge Closures. Closed cell polyethylene ridge closures are required on all ridges and high eave conditions and are to be friction fit and caulked in panned ends of panels per the instructions and standard details. FSS-18 eave closures plugs are also available.

3.6a Ridge End Closures. (FSS-18 only) Formed ridge end closures with butyl tape as supplied by the manufacturer are to be used for all ridge or high-eave conditions.

3.7 Field Panning. The panels (For FSS-316 and FSS-1.5 panels only) shall be field panned in accordance with the instructions and standard details.

3.8 Stiffening Ribs. Two stiffening ribs are standard with the FSS-1.5 panel only. These ribs can be removed when the panel is being roll formed. However, be aware that any flat surfaced panel has a tendency to "oil can". Oil canning is not a reason for panel rejection. Are stiffening ribs to be removed?

No Yes

4.0 Installation

4.1 Tolerance Requirements. No panels shall be erected if the structural steel does not meet the tolerances of the A.I.S.C. Code, Section 7. It is the responsibility of the contractor to examine this alignment before the panels are erected. The Contractor is responsible for properly installing the roof system and ensuring that all purlins or sub-framing members are properly installed.

4.2 Side Laps. Side laps must be fully seamed, either by hand seaming or with an electric seaming machine, to ensure the integrity of the total roof system.

4.3 Accordances. The panels shall be installed in accordance with the drawings or standard details and instructions furnished by the manufacturer.

4.4 Appearance. Due to the inherent tolerances of base , any flat surface panels could have some "oil canning". This will not be a basis for panel rejection.

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