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Flexframe -
Retrofit Roofing

Flexframe is a pre-engineered re-roofing system that is light enough to be built on most existing structures. This illustration shows the typical configuration for a retrofit roof. Flexframe is to be used in conjunction with Flexospan's standing seams or exposed fastener panels.

By reroofing and adding insulation, you can reduce energy and maintenance costs. Unlike most other systems, Flexframe does not depend on an even substrate. As you can see in the following illustration, the base channel supplies the needed stability for the Cee column, which in turn provides the structure for the purlin.
column Even if the existing roof has drains or valleys, multiple levels or pitches, Flexframe can easily adapt to provide a new sloped and aesthetically pleasing roof. The standard Flexframe 5' x 5' grid has columns that do not exceed 6 feet. It's designed for a 20-psf snow load, a 30-psf live load or a 20-psf uplift load. Other configurations are available.
Flexospan also stocks a complete line of retrofit accessories and we'll deliver the entire retrofit package as quickly as possible.

Contact us for more information on our retrofit roofing systems or non-standard configurations.

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