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Metal Roofing and Siding Panels, Steel Purlins & Girts, Self-Storage and Industrial Metal Buildings
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Flexospan Load Tables
icon-pdf Flexbeam Siding/Through Fastened Roofing
icon-pdf Flexrib Siding/Through Fastened Roofing
icon-pdf Vertarib Siding
icon-pdf 1/2" Corrugated Siding/Roofing
icon-pdf 3/4" Corrugated Siding/Roofing
icon-pdf 7/8" Corrugated Roofing
icon-pdf FE-66 Siding
icon-pdf FE-12 Siding
icon-pdf R-Panel Siding/Roofing
icon-pdf A-Panel Siding
icon-pdf FSS-1.5 Standing Seam Roofing
icon-pdf FSS-18 Standing Seam Roofing
icon-pdf FSS-316 Standing Seam Roofing
icon-pdf C & Z Purlin & Girt Spans

Flexospan Steel Buildings - Metal Roofing, Siding, Purlins, Girts, Self-Storage