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American National Standards Institute
Steel Deck Institute -
Free Download

Steel Roof Decking - Steel Floor Deck

We are pleased to announce that the following American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / Steel Deck Institute (SDI) standards for Steel Roof Deck, Composite Steel Floor Deck and Non-Composite Steel Floor Deck are available for free download.


Download Your Free Copy Now!

ANSI/SDI C-2011 Standard for Composite Steel Floor Deck - Slabs - Click Here  (Errata #1) (Interpretation #1)
ANSI/SDI NC-2010 Standard for Non-Composite Floor Deck - Click Here

ANSI/SDI RD-2010 Standard for Steel Roof Deck - Click Here


ANSI/SDI QA/QC-2011 Standard for Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Installation of Steel Deck - Click Here


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                               Stainless Steel corrosion resistant industrial roofing and siding to reduce life cycle cost for Steel Mills, Coal Mine Facilities, Coal Mine Conveyor Cover Systems, Fertilizer Plants, Paper Mills and Power Plants. Stainless Steel Z C Purlins and Girts, Stainless Steel Deck

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Steel Roof Decking - Steel Floor Deck

Flexospan manufactures Steel Decking - Roof Deck, Composite Floor Deck and Form Deck.  Gauges 22, 20, 18, and 16 are stocked in galvanized and prime painted steel for quick turnaround.  Panels are cut to customer's lengths.

Also available as custom orders, are special paint finishes: Siliconized Polyester,
Vinyl Plastisol (Flexshield), Kynar/Hylar, and Stainless Steel.  All custom orders are subject to minimum quantity requirements.


Steel Floor Decking - Steel Roof Deck


Flexospan Steel decks comply with (SDI) - Steel Deck Institute Specifications.

Flexospan Steel Buildings - Metal Roofing, Siding, Purlins, Girts, Self-Storage